Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Truth is Front and Centre

It was necessary for the federal government to intervene in Air Canada's labour disputes because a shutdown at the country's largest airline at a peak travel time could take a toll on the economy, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Friday.

I see. The union can bargain against one of the most powerful businesses in the nation provided it doesn't substantively upset the business itself.

So this is it. The dual is on. Here's your pistol, Mr Labour, but, oh wait, I first need to remove your bullets.

OK, carry on.

Fair is fair, right?

Harper is a clown. Unfortunately he is a dangerous one as well. But what's even worse is the fact that most people will cling to the delusion that the system is going to be, or can be, fixed from within. They think they can still vote themselves a cure. Now that's mass delusion -- even worse than the individual disease that Harper suffers from.

If a fix was coming our way, if the interests of the population at large were the primary concern of government, then why is our society so far removed from such a result? We've had 145 years of this democracy, and still most people are left unfulfilled.

Meaningful human relationships are damn near non-existent, the environment is on the verge of sustainable collapse for all of humanity, our national policy now supports blowing up another country if it dare try to defend itself -- and still we carry on, participating with these criminals on their terms as to what constitutes political engagement. Does anyone sincerely believe this is the very best we can do?

Obviously the best minds are not making it into government or business, despite the rhetoric. The most dogmatic, brainwashed, socio-pathological and selfish, perhaps. But intelligence if nothing if it isn't tempered with intelligent behaviour, something we've been in short supply of for quite some time.

Why the crimes of state everywhere we look? Foreign. National. Regional. Is this all we can create in a land of golden opportunity after 145 years of our non-primitive ways? And we think this is OK? We are willing to accept this as good enough? Are we unable to stop the lunacy? Must we repeatedly elect and follow complete rejects representing the worse of people into office? Folks, these people are not leaders. They are opportunists.

The absolute truth is simple: our governance is so broken systemically that it cannot even try to make this world better for the people first and foremost, despite its paper obligation to serve the people.

Have we so little self-respect and confidence that we feel the necessity for all this?

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