Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Questioning the Basis of AGW Denial

Do we not all know that the banking crowd will glom onto any vehicle, hijack any cause, to turn a buck? History is rife with evidence that the Empire, too, will piggyback a noble calling (like saving the African children to ouster a madman) as an excuse to invade en route to stealing the resources of other nations. Likewise, the money parasites will create Carbon Taxes and Credits and derivatives and the like to save us from Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW). But as a fallout, others will point to this capitalist exploitation as a sure sign of the fraudulent existence of AGW in the first place. In reality, AGW is no more a scam than the very real exploitation of the African children.

Rather than read the history of global warming for themselves found HERE [put aside a month to do so], they prefer to see AGW as a underhanded plot. But this in itself makes little to no sense.

The premise is that the data supporting AGW is scientifically fraudulent. What this means is that ALL the data collected regarding Greenhouse Gases since the 1950s -- from Roger Revelle on, has been part and parcel of this banking and government conspiracy. And the bankers-governments involved continued funding this ongoing fraud until the mid 1990s when, at that point, they decided to cash out.

Isn't it far more likely that it wasn't until the mid-1990s, shortly after the BigOil denial campaign took off, that the issue of AGW was fiscally bankable with the public and so the bankers responded accordingly? And that the consistent and diversely collected data evidencing AGW via greenhouse gases since the 1950s is real, despite the hiccups of some recently overplayed emails?

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