Friday, September 10, 2010

...Jokers to the right

THE MAN will do all the thinking needed, thank-you very much. All THE MAN asks is that you work for the enrichment of THE MAN and his posse, the Canadian Reich; pay THE MAN all taxes promptly; and keep your mouth shut. Recently it was the neglect of one, Marc Emery, to keep his mouth shut which became his undoing.

Canada's role in this coup of sanity is now complete. THE MAN, in its wisdom, has set a precedent making the postage of select plant seeds punishable by five-years incarceration. Welcome to the Canadian-Inquisition where most any thought or behaviour, however organic or innocuous, can be unilaterally deemed a threat to state power. Accordingly, an example must be made of the offender who brandishes this imminent danger.

Canada, lickspittle to America and Empire, championed by our own servant of Christ, PM Stephen Harper -- a man "instructed with learned ignorance, and furnished with unlearned wisdom"* -- is now beyond the control of its citizens.

Enjoy your captivity and proceed at your own peril, for those waiting in the wings to steer the political ship consider our enlightened politics to be charting the right course. Mass delusion is Canada's national affliction yet most of its citizens refuse the antidote of learning some truths not sanctioned by state propaganda. Its axiomatic, I suppose, to say that all loyal believers prefer a comforting illusion above all else.

*Bertrand Russell