Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Voting for What?

We lost control of our democracy the day borders started to be meaningless. When we allowed corporations to move capital across borders without any regard for the people, this started ~Skywalker on thetyee.ca

It's far more perverse than that, and it started long before 'corporations moving capital' became fashionable.

Clearly non-democratic or totalitarian acts can be highly localized and performed by individuals. Slavery is one such form, where one's work is usurped by another. Here one man is convinced it is in his best interest to accept the arrangement. That is the politics of one man over another.

And that formula is politics at large -- the marketing of ideas to convince the masses to accept a certain form of slavery in exchange for real and fraudulent benefits.

If one does not understand this simple truth, then he is bound to make all sorts of broad and absurd assertions like the necessity of voting simply because it is offered. At certain times, I can only wonder if he has any idea what he is voting for?

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