Saturday, October 8, 2011

Does Ideology Matter?

Once show, only a blind microcephalic could not see the failing ideology where 'business interests are paramount' for exactly what it is: Fascism.

The state message, the propaganda of conservatism many have consumed and now believe -- the breeding ground where half-baked thinking intentionally mutates our lexicon so a corporation is de facto a person, where the national interest is interchangeable with the business interest, and where freedom can only be achieved when we have unfettered freedom for business -- here, where these muddied waters of the mind become the messiah, lays the neo-conservative ideology.

Ideology serves a purpose. It helps to learn exactly what that purpose is and what it means, where it has come from, how it has has grown and where it is going. It's seriously disturbing to think how anyone can champion such an neo-conservative ideology once understood.

Ideology is everything. Start here and choose: people or business? Despite the rhetoric heard and taught, they do not march in unison. How hard is it to understand business interests would be overwhelmingly elated if their workforce toiled for free?

I am not going to convince anyone of this truism and do not even try, I simply point it out. We all have to have the courage to confront the genesis of this assault against our thinking for ourselves.

The answer we should seek yet cannot see is simple:


not just the self-described 'successful' ones who, equally self-described, 'earned' their 'just' rewards.

Good luck. We are all in this together.

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