Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gordon Retires His Mittens

"After considerable soul searching and discussion with my family I've decided to ask the BC Liberal Party executive to hold a leadership convention at the earliest possible date to select a new leader," Gordon Campbell said at a press conference recently in Vancouver.

"It's time for a new person to lead the province. Debates on policy issues have become overshadowed by the public's dislike for me personally," he said. "When that happens it's time for a change."

Do not for a moment forget the entire BC Liberal party was in cahoots with Gordon Campbell. They all joined in, kept their heads down and faithfully, like Pavlov's dog, nodded in agreement to every crime committed against the people of British Columbia.

Things will not, and simply cannot, change by rebranding the party leadership. At best a new twist to the methodology will be introduced to continue the exploitation of BC resources and her people. Good riddance Gordon, but unfortunately the rest of the Liberal gang has been left behind.

Let's just listen to the spin: soul searching; new leadership; blessed for the opportunity; and my all-time favourite, the timeless thanks for the public service offered by all the politicians prostrating themselves before their retiring King. Inside, hidden from the light, party-backed politicians are all brothers-in-arms, corrupted by their corporate paymasters. This is precisely why things are not going to change in BC even with Carol James and the New Democratic Party.

Campbell's farewell is all spectacle. The rhetoric is thick. The propagandized message is clear. Be thankful we have these Gordon Campbells, these Carol Jameses, these humble public servants who forfeit their life efforts for our cause. It reverberates throughout the media and it rings down the halls of the Legislative building. These sacrificial lambs, near and far, offer praise and thanks for the years of public service. It reminds me of the Emmy Awards and that pathetic, self-congratulatory lot.

If we read between the lines of what Gordon Campbell said in his good-bye, it sounds like this:

"After considerable souls searching" and innumerable consultations with my accountant and business alliances about what lays ahead for me in the various corporate institutions I will now be formally employed ... It's time for a new person to lead this province, for I have done all I can to open the legislative avenues for my corporate brethren, allowing them unfettered control of most the resources and infrastructure of the province, thus availing them to maximum profits ... They have all paid a price for my 26 years of public service by keeping my Party coffers flush and the media messages stoked; and for their investment in this not so clandestine enterprise, I have obeyed their directions and repaid them ten-fold and more ... I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to serve in this position, for there are few jobs offered a man with scant more than an ethical void in his heart, greed pumping through his veins, deception on his lips and with the social consciousness of a child the opportunity to screw over 4 million residents and help plunder one of the planet's richest areas for personal gain -- and then walk away unjustly enriched by his peers with their many thanks for his public service. BC Is The Best Place On Earth!

Oh, and did I mention, New Democratic Party leader Carole James thanked Gordon Campbell for his years of public service. Seriously. Can this possibly be sincere?

Keeping true to form, Ms James then goes one better and tries to sell us, "there's still some work to do over the next little while to show people there's a positive alternative". I hear an echo. Ahh, it's the age-old party promise, the political bribe they all offer: We won't stick it to you nearly as badly as the last guys. Trust us. We work for you.

But we know better. Vote Independent.

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