Monday, October 11, 2010

Mirror, Mirror

Violence solves nothing. It masks or postpones the social ills which violence itself, more often than not, creates.

My sympathies lay with the deluded young soldiers who have been lied to, mis-informed and filled with propaganda by the state, our schools, the media and often their equally mind-numbed parents.

My contempt lays with the ill-informed, immoral and unethical robber-baron hoods in government who bend over on command for the money-men.

The Empire has over 700 international military bases in over 130 nations. Canada is up to its neck as an accomplice to innumerable, barbaric crimes against humanity being perpetrated relentlessly since 1914. Of note, the U.S. Federal Reserve was created just in the nick-of-time to finance the Great War -- the first of many, massive foreign adventures forced on the world through incessant debt, enslaving its public in the process. If you think this is a coincidence, I can only imagine you are on the state payroll.

The Canadian government, full of sociopathic misfits and 3rd rate thinkers, lickspittle to Empire, star of the good government tragedy and daily thief of the people's wealth and ingenuity, is a disgrace to any clear-thinking individual with merely a hint of human compassion.

Was there not $1.1 billion dollars stolen from the people to finance security for a two-day, G-20 political bender? And still some 75 rabble-rousers shut the state’s mouth for 24 hours by breaking a few corporate windows and burning a prop-car. Then the state bared its teeth and began busting heads, essentially for nothing more than a hangnail in terms of misadventure and social unrest.

Meanwhile, speaking with its other face, our jackass government claims it is fighting terrorism. But it never asks itself why these defenseless people -- having their infrastructure, schools, hospitals, homes, families, friends and communities all destroyed so their resources can be claimed by our corporate piranhas for fiscal gain -- dare fight back against our liberating army of good will? Confused, our big moral dilemma stops at whether we bring in the Band-Aids before or after the DU-tipped bunker-busters explode.

Rather than extending a hand to lift these people out of the medieval age which their adherence to an old book has them trapped under, we rob them and F-up their world. This is just sick, demented, selfish, terroristic behaviour. This is the government. This is your government, the beast you think needs a little tweaking, a little discipline, a little polish, and its high morality will come to shine (if for no other reason than 'we mean well'). Unfortunately, this is the massive, political delusion we generally accept as true.

I am so tired of our barbaric thugs parading behind the shield of government, operating like mafia gangsters, extorting the efforts of not only our citizens and our communal property but also having the sanctimonious gall, without shame or remorse, to audaciously commit war crimes elsewhere in our name.

This is our fault, Canadians. We let them behave this way. Only with understanding can we terminate this national deception. We MUST demand more from ourselves.

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